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Company director Marian McDermott established One Step Beyond (OSB) in 2008. As well as to encourage young people to actively participate and enjoy dance, her aim was to foster talented and motivated dance students in the hope that some of them may continue towards careers in contemporary dance.

Already this mission has become a reality with several former OSB members making dance their career choice. Grace Woollett graduated from Unitec with a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts majoring in Contemporary Dance in 2012 and now works in the industry as a performer, choreographer, film maker and teacher. Emma Lane graduated from London based - Trinity Laban Conservetoire and progressed on to complete her Masters degree with Joss Arnott's Emergence Dance and now has secured a professional contract dancing with Eliot Smith Dance in England. Alanna Main has graduated from The New Zealand School of Dance and Emma Clavis from Wellingrton based Whitereia. Veronica Devlin is in her final year studying Musical Theatre at Whitireia.

OSB work with professionals from the contemporary dance industry and are given opportunities to choreograph dance works as well as perform. The standard in the company is very high and each year we are impressed by what these young people achieve. They are constantly given new challenging projects to work towards. 

The 2019 Artistic Director is Anna MacRae. Our current company are 8 talented and dedicated young individuals.

Photo of OSB performing at You Dance Festival 2019 by Nina Gastreich

One Step Beyond Acclaimed at the Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival, YDance, Glasgow, Scotland 2014

In 2014 OSB travelled to Glasgow, Scotland as they had been honoured to be invited to perform and participate in the very first ever Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival, YDance. The company participated in a series of workshops and performed at the festival alongside 35 other groups from around the Commonwealth including Canada, India, Australia, Namibia, Malta and the UK. 

One Step Beyond presented “We Caught Me’ a work choreographed by Grace Woollett. The work was acclaimed both for its extremely well crafted and beautiful choreography and also for the high technical standard and performance by the company members. Everywhere they went people were stopping the company members saying how much they loved the work. People were telling them how impressed they were and asking about the training methods and the dance programme we offer at our school. They all felt a bit like celebrities at the festival.

Photos below of One Step Beyond performing "We Caught Me" by Nina Gastreich

Some Very Positive and Affirming Feedback From the Festival
Iris Tomlinson – former director of “The Young Place” programme at “The Place” London writes “Grace created a delightful work for 'One Step Beyond' demonstrating maturity and clarity of intention as a choreographer, together with an ability to showcase the individual strengths of your young dancers.  It was a pleasure for me to witness the fruit of your many years of passionate hard work.  You have developed a rich dance programme, combining rigorous technical training alongside opportunities for individual creative expression through your improvisation and choreography classes. Congratulations”.

Anna Kenrick – Artistic Director for YDance writes: “The performance by One Step Beyond showed how talented your dancers are and there was fantastic feedback after the show. Your dancers are truly gifted performers and the choreography by Grace Woollett was inventive, beautiful and clever. The innovative movement and contact work allowed the dancers to excel and showed that they have excellent technical skills, strength and physicality.”

After the festival OSB travelled to London where they were invited to visit Rambert and join a class with their youth company Quicksilver. Quicksilver Company director, Laura Harvey was also impressed with One Step Beyond commenting that they were very strong dancers and she would like to be able to keep them.

OSB spent the day with a professional film crew making two videos. "Take Control" choreographed by Grace Woollett can be viewed above and "Unembrace" choreographed by Georgie Goater follows below. 

Director/Editor: Arthur Gay
Director of Photography: Konstantin Tanner
Camera Assistants: Lachlan Justice, Liam Atkins


About One Step Beyond
Mission Statement

To foster the creative spirit, inspire and extend a select group of dedicated, committed and talented teenage dancers so they continue to grow and develop as performers and choreographers.
One Step Beyond was founded in 2008 to create opportunities for a group of talented, committed and dedicated senior students at Step Beyond Studios in Torbay, Auckland. The selected students have studied both contemporary dance and ballet for many years and regularly attend 6 or more dance classes each week. Till then these students were limited to the whole school performances and it was clear that they needed to be extended more and given more performance opportunities.

The company members are taught by professionals from the dance community and so far have been fortunate to work with Colette Arnold, Katie Burton, Georgie Goater, Vivien Hosking-Aue, Zahra Killeen-Chance, Jessie McCall, Anna MacRae, Kilda Northcott, Vivian Nunez Medina, Janine Parkes, Lyne Pringle, Julie van Renen, Tupua Tigafua and Grace Woollett. 

Being part of this company provides an avenue for these students to develop their creativity, technique and performance skills. They learn how to create and perform dance works in a wide variety of community settings both indoor and outdoor. They learn to create and adapt their work to suit the different audiences and locations.

Our hope is that with this extra encouragement and opportunity some of the company members will decide to further their dance education and enter full time training.




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